Through membership dues, donations, and fund raising, FOW
provides full or partial funding for selected projects and park events. The Park may also receive grants,
state, and other funding.

 Friends of Wasatch Mountain State Park – 2023-2024 Park Projects Contributions

3-Dimensional Archery Targets


Lions and bears, oh my!  The Friends is contributing funds from the 2023 Hit & Giggle event to purchase 18 targets.  Targets will include mountain lion, mule deer, elk, moose, turkey, wolverine, wolf, bear, and others.  In 2023 the vendor and specific targets were identified and quoted.  The order will be placed end of 2023/early January 2024, with installation to follow in 2024 based on the Park’s timing/schedule

New Playground Equipment at the Visitor Center

The Friends and The Park are splitting the cost of new playground equipment.  Funds are from The Friends reserve dollars carried over from 2020-2022.  Vendor and playground package/ configuration selected in 2023.  Installation will be sometime in the Spring of 2024, dependent on weather.

Black Willow Nature Experience (2023-2025)

May we preserve, protect and educate for generations to come….



A nature experience in the Deer Creek Trailhead, new campground, and Chalet areas incorporating and honoring the black will trees cut down in 2022 (interpretive signs, benches, campground centerpiece, etc).  This Phase 1 project is funded through a RTP grant to which The Friends is contributing $4,000 and targeted to be spent in 2024.

Soldier Hollow and Wasatch Golf Courses Branding (2024) 

The Friends is not directly contributing funds to this project but plays a supportive role to the Park to manage and disperse funds donated by Wasatch County for this Phase 1, 2024 Park Project.  Below is the background.

In 2022 a Golf Advisory Panel (Panel) of local golfers was formed to provide the Park input regarding the golf courses and operations.  One of the key areas/concerns the Panel brought forward was the “separateness” of Soldier Hollow courses vs the Wasatch courses.  Although all 4 courses are Wasatch State Park courses, the operations, the look & feel, and public impression is that Soldier Hollow is separate from the Park’s Wasatch courses.  This 2024 Phase 1 project will create a common brand to encompass Soldier Hollow and Wasatch golf.


 Friends of Wasatch Mountain State Park – 2020-2022 Park Projects Contributions

New Dock for Visitor Center Lake



New cross country trail groomer

New lighting for the Visitor Center

New Frisbee (DISC) golf course at the campground

New trail signage with maps

New FOW Website

Food for Snowshoe Hikes and Winter Festival